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For managers, decision-makers and those responsible for the respective departments: Here you will find success scenarios from customer examples of our solution providers, in the value-adding fields of application
Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) und Mixed Reality (MR).

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Find staff, introduce them and inspire them with technology

How can my company use virtual reality technologies to attract, inspire and retain the right talent in a highly personnel-driven labour market? How can corporate values and corporate culture be brought to life authentically and interactively in 3-dimensional space? And how do I enable my employees and top talents to perfect their speeches and presentations?


All best practices on the topic: Train apprentices and ensure qualification

The learning of procedures and the training of skills and step-by-step processes can take place in virtual reality in order to save costs and time as well as to avoid accidents and company damage. But how can I use virtual reality to best prepare employees for risky or potentially dangerous environments? And how can you use VR to train employees on other operational processes?

Development and planning

All best practices on the topic: Develop and plan products or plants

How can planners or engineers use virtual reality to immerse themselves in their own 3D CAD planning and optimise it even further. How can you get feedback on components, machines or systems before they have actually been implemented? How can planning errors be identified at an early stage and the subsequent implementation processes thus optimised?


All best practices on the topic: Increase quality in maintenance and service

How can service quality and efficiency be improved by using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality in the company, e.g. in maintenance, servicing or logistics? How can experts be called in at a distance? And how do I as a company make suitable information and know-how available via augmented reality for better service?


All best practices on the topic: Accompany and support customers in the sales process

How can my company present itself dynamically through demos and previews of exciting products in virtual space with appropriate 3D visualizations? How can I improve my presentation to the customer with attractive infotainment experiences? What added value is created for the customer by bringing my products to life and how will products be advertised and sold virtually at congresses and trade fairs in the future?

New Work

All best practices on the topic: Improve workplaces with social collaboration tools

How can you use virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality platforms as an extension to video conferences with colleagues and external business partners? How can the encounter with avatars in 3-dimensional worlds also be enriching in personal communication with employees or customers? How can the home office become a conference room, planning studio, or even a factory floor?

Full 360

Full 360