Best Practice: Intelligent AR assistance system for inspection and maintenance of machines & plants

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Über die Best Practice,

In the case of energy suppliers and in (special) mechanical and plant engineering, the product range and the variation in the technology included is often very broad. The complex specifics of the individual products can therefore not be known in detail by every service employee. Therefore, service expertise exists in the company for the different products. The lack of access to service expertise at the required time is also one of the main causes of inefficiencies and quality losses in industrial environments. Dropslab Technologies is making this product-specific service expertise available to the service worker on site using augmented reality and AI.

Dropslab Technologies’ assistance systems react automatically and adaptively to the situation. They support the employees on site with product-specific knowledge. Through a combination of machine learning and augmented reality, the assistance system analyses the user’s field of vision, interprets it through AI-powered object recognition and provides step-by-step visual support based on the user’s situation. With the help of our solution, technicians from a power company were able to check cable distributors more than 14% more efficiently. At the same time, the error rate fell by more than 60% due to immediate access to the relevant information.

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