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Germany’s metaverse hub for startups & investors specialising in the industrial metaverse and the enterprise metaverse.

With Metaverse Germany, we offer start-ups in the industrial metaverse and enterprise metaverse sectors the opportunity to find suitable investors in various financing phases. At the same time, we support them in acquiring their first customers or expanding their customer base in medium-sized and large companies.
Many start-ups and high-tech companies are currently establishing themselves in Europe with new product ideas and solutions from which products can be created or where saleable products already exist.

Enterprise and Industrial Metaverse

Das Metaverse kombiniert Technologien wie KI, XR und Web3, um eine Welt zu schaffen, in der digitale und analoge Realitäten verschmelzen. It enables seamless interactions and offers new opportunities for communication, collaboration and entertainment. As the leading European member business network for immersive technologies, the VR Business Club has unique and extensive user expertise in this market, which is already growing beyond its niche. Thanks to 5G, IoT and artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality are expanding into new fields of application in the enterprise metaverse and industrial metaverse.

The Enterprise Metaverse is a sophisticated environment that has been specially developed for business applications and combines the possibilities of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and digital technologies. In this immersive, interactive online world, companies can achieve new levels of collaboration, training, customer interaction and much more. The enterprise metaverse market is expected to reach $35bn by 2030, with a projected annual growth of 28% over the period 2024-2030

The Industrial Metaverse enables interaction with digital twins of real objects for immersive experiences and real-time collaboration. It promises to accelerate the digital transformation and sustainability of companies with an estimated market of 100 billion dollars by the end of this decade. The integration of different technologies is creating a seamless digital world, with companies like Siemens playing a key role in providing technologies and expertise.

Metaverse Germany Hub

The Metaverse Germany Hub acts as a bridge builder between start-ups, investors and potential customers.

  • We give start-ups access to potential investors in order to realise their visions and projects.
  • We open doors to a network of potential customers who are interested in the start-ups’ innovative solutions and products.
  • With the VR Business Club SparX, we enable users to test initial use cases on the topic of metaverse in connection with generative AI in an incubator environment. Within this framework, customers can work together with suitable solution providers to test corresponding applications and evaluate their benefits in practice. This promotes the development of customised VR solutions and accelerates the integration of new technologies into existing business processes.

We place great emphasis on creating customised connections between startups and relevant stakeholders, be it potential customers, strategic partners, resellers or consultants who can provide valuable insights and support.

For start-ups: We offer selected start-ups in the metaverse and artificial intelligence sector a unique platform to drive their growth. The Metaverse Germany Hub not only gives them access to a network of investors at various stages of financing, but also the opportunity to present their products and solutions to a wider audience. We also actively support them in acquiring their first customers and establishing their market presence in medium-sized and large companies. Our platform serves as a catalyst for innovation and promotes the success of promising start-ups in the emerging metaverse and AI industry.

Are you a promising startup in the metaverse sector and looking for funding opportunities? Contact us here for more information.

For investors: Metaverse Germany acts as a central hub for investors interested in investing in high-tech start-ups that use Metaverse technologies in their products or platforms. Our platform offers investors a comprehensive overview of current and carefully selected investment opportunities, which we present on a regular basis. Through our careful selection and evaluation, we offer investors the certainty that they are investing in promising projects that have the potential to shape the future of the Metaverse and beyond.

Are you an investor looking for promising investment opportunities in this up-and-coming sector? Contact us here for more information.

Our strengths: comprehensive market access, a wealth of experience and a valuable network in the field of enterprise and industrial metaverse

We have extensive market expertise in the industrial and enterprise metaverse, manage the largest XR network in Germany and are active as an opinion leader in the German start-up and entrepreneurial landscape. Maren Courage, co-initiator of “Metaverse Germany”, is a regular presenter at the most important digital marketing and industry trade fairs and events in German-speaking countries.

Maren Courage’s panel “Navigation in the industrial metaverse” at the Hannover Messe with high-ranking executives:

  • Dr. Peter Körte, Chief Technology & Chief Strategy Officer Siemens AG
  • Ludwig von Reiche, Managing Director NVIDIA – Germany
  • Christina Raab, Market Unit Lead Accenture Austria, Switzerland, Germany
  • Peter D’Haese, Chief Digital Officer ArcelorMittal Europe

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Synergy factory

With Metaverse Germany, we promote collaboration between global startups, companies, networks, top players and tech leaders, with a strong focus on the metaverse, artificial intelligence and immersive technologies.

The Metaverse Germany Hub serves as a catalyst for synergies and partnerships between a wide range of participants, including start-ups from different parts of the world, established corporate giants, influential industry networks, renowned thought leaders and experienced technology experts. What sets our collaborative ecosystem apart is the particular focus on disruptive technologies that are shaping the future – the metaverse, artificial intelligence (AI) and immersive technologies.

We facilitate connections and interactions that bridge the gap between traditional business models and these emerging paradigms, creating an environment where the potential for innovation and disruption is limitless. Whether it’s harnessing the power of AI to transform industries, exploring new frontiers within the metaverse or using immersive technologies to redefine the way we experience the world, our community is at the forefront of these exciting endeavours and driving the evolution of the global tech landscape.

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About the VR Business Club

Since 2016, the VR Business Club has built up a broad network of users and providers (companies, institutions and multipliers). As a result, the VR Business Club has become Europe’s leading dialogue and matchmaking platform for various industries that want to use virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, metaverse and artificial intelligence. The network currently comprises around 280 member companies with managers from all sectors and is one of the most important XR networks in Europe. The platform brings together national and international users and technology companies (providers of VR, AR, MR and AI as well as metaverse solutions) to successfully initiate projects, discuss new business models and generate business. The VR Business Club organises top-class events in presence, online and virtual rooms to bring providers and users together and facilitate business. Due to this outstanding positioning, the VR Business Club regularly receives enquiries from national and international providers to place products with users.

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