VR/AR/MR Best Practice Navigator E-Book

Our Best Practice Navigator e-book gives you an overview of the use of immersive technologies in companies across various industries. Here you will find selected success stories from members and solution providers of our network.

In our free e-book you will find a detailed insight into the BEST PRACTICES of the sub-areas of upcoming corporate metaverses. Learn more about the success stories of immersive technologies from HR, training, planning and development, service, sales and new work in the context of VR, AR in this comprehensive compendium.

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Learn more in the VR/AR/MR Best Practice Navigator e-book:

  • How much potential there is for their industry in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR);
  • How your company can learn and benefit from the experience of the pioneers;
  • What services and hardware offerings are available around XR technologies;
  • How they as a company find the right start in projects with the use of immersive technologies;
  • and what role other focus topics such as cyber security, legal protection strategies, marketing, Big Data or cultural and health topics play in the context of XR.

We have been on the market for almost 6 years with the steadily growing VR Business Club, which currently has 250 active members, and are now one of the most relevant networks on the subject of XR in Europe. Due to our access to institutions, business, science and culture, we have a comprehensive insight into the current state as well as the developments of immersive technologies and already foresee disruptions. Therefore, we can recommend the e-book in good conscience as a reference book for the respective application area of VR, AR and MR. According to our research and experience, the best practice examples compiled here are among the most successful currently available on the German and European market.

Wehope you enjoy reading and would be pleased if you contact the solution providers or us directly if you are interested.

Maren Courage and Oliver Autumn