The VR Business Club is the largest dialogue and matchmaking platform on virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality in Germany. We are about 240 member companies with managers across all sectors. You can find the current list of members here.

VR Business Club VR/AR/MR – Best Practice Navigator

We give solution providers and executives of large and medium-sized companies the opportunity to exchange and connect on innovation topics around immersive and disruptive technologies.

We bring German SMEs, large companies, institutions and media houses together with the appropriate technology experts.

What does the VR Business Club do for its members?

Supports in finding and implementing new digital business models.

In our events, workshops, VR and video conferences and online trainings we present current virtual-, augmented- and mixed reality solutions and discuss possible applications with our members.

Find out which partners fit together for the respective challenges.

In our network we have leading solution providers for immersive technologies, which we place in a suitable position depending on the request.

Pushes successful projects.

Companies that have decided on an objective can then start and implement projects with the partners we recommend.

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Our target group:Executives and decision-makers of medium-sized and large companies, start-ups, consultancies, agencies and cultural institutions from all sectors who want to use virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, including in connection with disruptive technologies such as IOT, artificial intelligence, blockchain, metaverse, robotics, mobile internet, etc.

Where are we active?The VR Business Club is active throughout Germany in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig and Karlsruhe. It makes use of the opportunities for meeting and working in virtual space and also works with an international network of contacts.

Membership: Membership gives you access to all public events, virtual club meetings and workshops. In addition, through our partners we offer discounts for the most important trade fairs, as well as for selected virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality glasses and the corresponding hardware.

Regular meetings in virtual space: For selected community meetings we use Social VR platforms, which enable us to come together over distances in national and international formats. Experience the “Metaverse” today as a virtual vision of the future of work, events and meetings.

This saves time, costs and is also sustainable! All information here.

Meet us at our presence events, in our online formats and in our SparX think tanks.

Join us in the Metaverse! Visit one of our Social VR event formats.

Here you will find all the current dates of our events, which take place as face-to-face events, as online events or in virtual space.

VR Business Club Events

At our events we present current VR/AR applications, also in combination with other disruptive innovations, and discuss with experts and guests about current and future …
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