VR Business Club Social VR Events

Companies such as Microsoft and Facebook now offer international platforms for meeting communities in virtual space. These are particularly suitable for public events in which people from all over the world can participate. For internal company meetings, where for example confidential data are exchanged or for certain industries with their own specific requirements, there are already special solutions in Europe that already offer extensive features.

Here you can find our current VR Business Club Spaces Social VR formats.

The VR Business Club uses both international platforms and European solutions and in this way connects the network with potential first-time users as well as selected successful technology providers with medium and large companies. The aim is on the one hand to discuss disruptive innovations with invited experts and on the other hand to initiate business and projects, as is normally possible at trade fairs and conferences by analogue means. The advantage of virtual meetings is that the companies can continue to work in a crisis-proof and sustainable manner and also save time and costs.

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VR Business Club Stargates

One project that we are gradually implementing is to equip various locations with virtual reality portals, from which participants can meet between Germany, USA and China in virtual space. In these high-level matchmaking sessions we bring selected companies together in virtual space.