Enable the Metaverse with us!

Our VR Business Club, Europe’s leading network for VR, AR and MR, brings together executives across all industries, with whom we regularly engage in dialogue and discuss deployment and monetization opportunities for these immersive technologies. In recent months, and at the latest since Facebook’s renaming to Meta, the so-called metaverse has increasingly come to the fore, both in the media and in the digital scene.

As a marketer today, you should not ignore the metaverse. Join us in exploring the exciting new possibilities in this fast-growing virtual space. How exactly you as a brand can survive here is currently being discussed in many ways in our network. We provide all the information you need to develop your own Metaverse strategy.

Can a whole new value creation take place in the metaverse? Contact us if you want to invest in NFTs as an investor. Through NFT’s, digital certificates of authenticity that certify each image as NFT decentrally on different computers as blockchain technology, unique copies are created in the metaverse, Thus, there is only one original, although many copies can be found on the Internet. 

Join us in the Metaverse! Visit one of our Social VR event formats.

For years, corporations like Microsoft and Facebook have been offering international platforms for communities to meet in virtual space, paving the way for the metaverse. Such platforms are particularly suitable for public events in which people from all over the world can participate. For internal company meetings, where for example confidential data is exchanged or for specific industries with their own unique requirements, there are already special solutions in Europe that already offer extensive features. Such solutions from Europe as Arthur Digital, Glue, MeetinVR and Engage are members of the VR Business Club together with their creators.

European Social VR Platforms Arthur Digital, Engage, Glue and MeetinVR

The VR Business Club uses both international platforms as the European solutions Arthur Digital, Engage, Glue and MeetinVR and in this way connects the network with potential first-time users, as well as selected, successful technology providers with medium and large companies. The aim is on the one hand to discuss disruptive innovations with invited experts and on the other hand to initiate business and projects, as is normally possible at trade fairs and conferences by analogue means. The advantage of virtual meetings is that the companies can continue to work in a crisis-proof and sustainable manner and also save time and costs.

What is the Metaverse?


Technologies that already make the metaverse visible today include virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. At some point, you will be able to switch between worlds very easily and, depending on the use and purpose, choose whether to digitally supplement your world, switch completely over to the metaverse, or even be completely in your real world.

The more complex and demanding the task, the more likely it is to make use of digitally supplemented content. Technologies such as AI, IOT and 5G will also play a major role in this context, as they will expand and improve the usage scenarios in the metaverse many times over. Already today, the metaverse complements our physical world with open virtual spaces as well as spaces not accessible to everyone. You can enter this digital, shared, social reality with avatars that represent people. In this new digital reality, “metaverse” business models are emerging. Virtual images of countless things and objects are created, which gradually develop their own dynamics through the linking of data. In the metaverse, we can communicate, work, learn, store, acquire possessions, attend parties, view art objects, and much more that we know from the physical world. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the Metaverse, without loss of time and without travel costs is accessible to all people worldwide, similar to the Internet. So, much of what we may miss in the real world or cannot experience due to pandemics, diseases, social or cultural limitations, can be experienced in the digital world and takes on completely different dimensions than live experiences due to multiple possibilities and ever-improving technological means and gadgets (VR headsets, haptic suits chips, cloud services, bandwidth, etc.). This creates new experiences, as has been observed with players of Fortnite and Pokémon Go, for example.

At present, the Metaverse is largely still entered in 2D, via the computer screen, tablet or smartphone. Immersive technologies such as VR, AR and MR enable deeper, more comprehensive and more immersive immersion in this digital parallel world. Due to the fact that the metaverse offers everyone the chance to participate, new status symbols and investment opportunities have already emerged in the course of the change in values. While yesterday it was sexy to wear the new Rolex at the film premiere in Cannes, today it is prestigious to purchase and own a digitally designed brand watch and show it off on Insta and in virtual worlds.

Investments in virtual real estate, land parcels, music projects, art, fashion items, etc. are enabled by cryptocurrencies and NFTs (digital certificates of authenticity). Millions have already been invested by private individuals and companies in 2021. Jensen Huang, CEO of our VR Business Clubs member company Nvidia already remarked in a conference call of his company that he is pretty sure that the metaverse will be a new economy that is bigger than our current economy. The global economy passed the $80 trillion mark last year. In the future, the metaverse will influence and change every industry to an extent that we cannot even estimate today.

Digital Dignity in the Metaverse

Immersive technologies create their own parallel worlds to the analog experience. Every year the number of users is increasing and even children are already embracing these technologies with enthusiasm. European values should also be reflected in these virtual worlds.

Objective of the initiative

We bring together leaders and opinion leaders to identify the challenges of the coming mass deployment of immersive technologies in Europe and to preserve existing values.