Maren Courage, Founder and Head of Events

was engaged as director and actress at various theatres in Germany and Austria, including the Salzburg Festival, the Salzburg Schauspielhaus, the Vienna Raimundtheater and the Heidelberg Stadttheater. There she dealt with multimedia extensions of her productions at an early stage. Another focus of your work is Branded Content. As Managing Director of the Hamburg-based company Future Entertainment, Maren has carried out projects for clients such as Warner, Universal and Porsche in which feature films and brands were advertised and communicated using new digital tools. Since 2016, Maren Courage, as founder of the VR Business Club, has hosted and organized over 200 events for executives of medium-sized and large companies.

Oliver Autumn, Founder and Head of Partnerships

has been involved in leading positions in various companies in software development and corporate venture capital for 30 years. Along with the former. Head of German Railways and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the AEG Group Dr. Heinz Dürr, he and netcoach GmbH were the world’s first provider of multimedia experience management for customers such as Audi, Voith and Siemens. After the trade sale of the company, he advised venture capitalists and private entrepreneurs on the development of new business models in the course of digitization. As managing director of the Hamburg-based company Future Entertainment, he worked for clients such as Warner Bros. Entertainment, Universal Pictures and Porsche. Oliver Autumn has been managing the VR Business Club dialogue and matchmaking platform together with Maren Courage since 2016.

Petra Isabel Schlerit, Head of VR Business Club Spaces, Managing Director of our member XR-C Academy

is Dipl. VR Coach© & Developer and is considered the subject matter expert in using virtual reality (VR) as a highly effective technology in business. Coming from management & tax consulting, she was head of finance and human resources in medium-sized companies for many years. She has also been involved in leadership development and change management for over 25 years. Today Petra is a Top100 trainer, mediator and business coach. Petra accompanies, as a sparring partner in management coaching, companies in their strategic developments. Her company XR-C Academy advises and qualifies on the use of VR, sets sound quality standards and ethics rules for dealing with this technology and offers its own leadership & people development programs in virtual reality. In the VR Business Club, she manages our members’ concerns about VR collaboration.

Michael Alf, Head of VR Business Club SparX, Managing Director of our member New World Events

Over the course of his long career, Michael has held leadership positions at Capgemini, Asciano (Australia) and Matrix42 (Germany / Australia). In addition to topics such as digital transformation, digital marketing, he began conducting interactive virtual summits over the Internet with thousands of participants back in 2015. Based on these experiences, he wrote his book, “Virtual Summit Formula.” Together with the international team of his company, New World Events, he has executed numerous virtual and hybrid premium events in recent years. Michael is constantly monitoring the development of emerging potential technologies in the event, VR and metaverse environments. On this topic, he is co-author of another book titled. “B2B Metaverse Marketing”. In addition, Michael has been a dedicated Participant in the VR/AR/MR field, including as a member of the VR Business Club with the role as head of the VR Business Club SparX and moderator of the English format: VR Cast.