VR glasses for our social VR events & information about 3D scanners

Maren Courage briefly introduces various VR headsets in the video.

The easiest wireless glasses you can take to meet with us on AltspaceVR is the Oculus Go. The glasses have 3DOF (degrees of freedom) – what works is movement in space, looking right, left, up and down. The slightly better (but also more expensive) Oculus Quest is unfortunately hard to find on the market at the moment.

Here you can rent the Oculus Go from our club member Grover with discount.

If you want to have it a little bit more comfortable take for example the more powerful and PC-based Oculus Rift or HTC Vive .

Our club member XMG Schenker offers both glasses here with discounts for our members.

And for various VR and AR applications you can scan 3D models of people and objectswhich are used in the automotive, e-commerce, fashion and culture sectors, among others.

The discounted offers for 3D scanners from our member botspot can be found here.

All current VR Business Club hardware offers can be found here.