Bospot 3D-Scanner “Made in Germany”.

Since 2013 botspot develops and builds 3D scanners “Made in Germany”. These work contactless, fast and safe without laser on the basis of photogrammetry. In just 0.01 second, highly precise and true-color 3D scans of people and objects of various types and sizes are created.

The 3D models of people and objects created with 3D scanners from botspot are used in various VR and AR applications, including automotive, e-commerce, fashion, art and culture, gaming and security.

As a technology leader in the field of photogrammetry, botspot also enables individual complete solutions in our own research and development department with regard to

  • Data Accuracy
  • Object specifics
  • Frequency ranges, e.g. infrared (IR)
  • -Fields of application and uses

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VR Business Club – Social VR Talk – Perfekte 3D-Daten aus dem 3D-Scanner

Info about the botspot 3D scanners

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