Baby Giant Hollyberg

We are Baby Giant an American German innovative content studio focused on the production of high caliber VFX and computergenerated entertainment.

Baby-Giganten-Anwendungsfälle für Storytelling, Gamifizierung, Marketing & Schulungen (nur für Mitglieder)

What are you offering?

Basically we see ourselves as a partner at the side of our customers. We help you to design your products correctly and select the best technology for your application. But products not only have to be set up correctly, they also have to arrive. This is where our many years of experience in storytelling and gamification come into play and the toolsets we have developed for this purpose.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

Although we come from the entertainment sector, 80% of our customers in the XR sector are industrial customers, medium-sized companies and agencies. Basically, we like to be at the table early on when it comes to designing new products.

Which customers already trust you?

Avatera, Ad Modum, Don’t Panic Productions, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Inpro, OHB, Raumhaus, Rolls Royce, Speed Fit, Zeitsprung Pictures