Schenker Technologies: VR hardware packages at a special price for VR Business Club members

Below are some configurations as a suggestion to offer you an “all-round carefree package”:

  1. VR starter set
    VR ready-Laptop und Oculus Rift S
  2. Mobiles Profi-Equipment
    High-performance laptop SCHENKER DTR 15 or 17, HTC VIVE Pro or VIVE Pro Eye (incl. eye tracking), portable exhibition or travel case for all your VR equipment
  3. Wireless application of the HTC VIVE Pro (Eye)
    High-performance desktop SCHENKER MEDIA Station, monitor, keyboard, HTC VIVE Pro (Eye) incl. VIVE-Wireless-Adapter
  4. HTC VIVE Focus Plus
    Standalone VR headset, e.g. for field service (uncomplicated commissioning)

With the code “VRBCxxx” contained in the packages below you can get these special packages here.

Contact the experts from Schenker Technologies directly here via the VR Business Club.

Package 1: VR starter set

Paket 2: Mobiles Profi-Equipment

Package 3: Wireless application of the HTC VIVE Pro (Eye)

Package 4: HTC VIVE Focus Plus

Schenker Technologies

Schenker Technologies GmbH, member of the VR Business Club and one of our hardware partners, is an innovative German manufacturer of freely configurable laptops and desktop PCs. With her gaming brand XMG she has been successful in the market for years with a large fan base.

The high-performance hardware – in terms of graphics card, processor and working memory – has passed successful tests under the SCHENKER business brand thanks to the topics CAD, visualization and virtual reality in industry, research and also in numerous DAX companies.

Thanks to its expertise in virtual reality, Schenker Technologies GmbH has also been entrusted with various distributions by international VR hardware manufacturers, such as HTC VIVE, ZOTAC and Varjo.