Partnership with Bechtle AG

We are pleased to announce that we will also be working with Bechtle AG in the area of corporate acquisitions from August onwards.

Bechtle has been one of the most successful IT service providers in Europe for 38 years. As an IT system house with 75 locations in the D-A-CH region and trading companies in 14 European countries, Bechtle is the ideal partner for opening up a broad market for the products of the VR/AR/MR start-ups among our members. Acquisitions have been part of Bechtle’s growth strategy for three decades. With 100 company acquisitions, Bechtle is very experienced in integrating companies. For already successful start-ups from the VR Business Club, further company developments under the Bechtle umbrella could be an important strategic step. In addition to continuity and stability, Bechtle also offers entrepreneurs a high degree of entrepreneurial freedom. The emerging start-ups are supported by strong central units. The direct exchange with other specialists and managers in the Group is also enriching and supports competitiveness.