Partnership with i-Business Coaching

We are pleased to have gained i-Business Coaching as a competent partner in questions of internationalization for our club deals. The focus of the offer is on the areas of international mindset, intercultural training and foreign trade promotion.

A selection of the coaching offer consists of:

  • Employee retention abroad as well,
  • intercultural training & language training focused on the target region (e.g. PR China, Taiwan, Brazil, USA, Switzerland, Moldova, etc.),
  • Establishment of network partners also abroad,
  • Procurement of suitable instruments for the promotion of foreign trade at the federal and state level,
  • Communication training with a focus on German institutions abroad.

The entrepreneurs have the possibility to be supported by the Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg and by the program “Coaching BONUS” of the Land Berlin via the regulation for “Market development by SMEs” (GRW-Markt – International) in the development of their competences. Other countries have similar programs, which the experts at i-Business Coaching are happy to share. Companies are supported by i-Business during the initial application process.