AIDAR develops and sells Virtual Reality (VR) solutions for training industrial workers and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for remote support and service. AIDAR platform consist of two modules: SKILLS and SERVICE. When combined, they create a solution named SYNERGY.

What are you offering?

AIDAR.SKILLS is a tool for VR and AR learning, making onboarding process for new employees as effective and easy as it can be. It allows employees to gain hands-on experience in a virtual world through immersive technologies. The system is flexible and intuitive, letting users download desired lessons from the central knowledge database.
No prior knowledge of coding is required, and an integrated multilingual tool allows for lessons to be easily translated, ensuring their transferability between employees in different regions.

Through AIDAR.SKILLS employees can familiarize themselves with stages and even smallest motions of complicated tasks without impacting processes or wasting materials and components they will ultimately be working with. It allows users to build muscle memory, a key feature of mastering any skill and something that not-on-the-job-training cannot provide. This offers companies a chance to provide their employees the best of both worlds: an easy-to-follow and informative hands-on experience, and a method of learning that minimizes risks associated with on-the-job teaching involving expensive materials and machines.

AIDAR.SKILLS comes with an easy-to-use web application that can be accessed to monitor user progress. Additionally, the system allows users to add, remove, and modify lesson steps. This customized experience helps to build effectiveness in the long term. By having direct access to training data, companies can tailor individual training schemes to meet the specific needs of employees and assess gathered data to boost future efficiency.

AIDAR.SERVICE is the ultimate support tool using AR technology, allowing company experts and managers to remotely assist employees with their daily tasks through a hands-on experience. When an operator wears a pair of Mixed Reality glasses, an expert can log into AIDAR app through a computer and provide advice, instruction and guidance to the user in real-time.
The operator projects an image of their surroundings in a first-person view, then the system recreates the surroundings virtually, which allows experts to guide the operator as if they were next to him. Thanks to this, both expert and in-field operator can work together and complete tasks and solve problems without costly training and wasted man-hours.

Easy-to-use and integrate into any company, AIDAR.SERVICE can be purchased and got ready in just a couple of days. Experts using our system can monitor operator progress, guiding them remotely through a step-by-step checklist and record the execution of every stage of the process. This lets new operator with a different skillset to manage any given problem, without any extra expert time and no downtime on company’s production.

AIDAR.SYNERGY is a Mixed Reality solution that combines two AIDAR tools – SKILLS and SERVICE. The synergy gained when using both, allows best possible results for the company. AIDAR.SYNERGY stands for:
• 3D knowledge database and always up-to-date service checklists
• VR & AR implemented training and testing simulations
• Remote support run on the customer’s premises
• Reskilling and upskilling of employees and management.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

B2B customers from leading industries that rapidly adopt the mixed reality technologies for managing production and service in various countries. The main sectors are: automotive, industry 4.0, healthcare and facility management

Why do they need our solutions?
• Factories need to train many employees relatively quickly due to opening a new plant, modernization of the production line, introduction of a new machine or a new product.
• Companies need to offer remote support to lower costs of logistics related to the personal presence of experts.
• Global production companies need to train local service technicians from partner companies.

Which customers already trust you?

Mercedes Benz – one of its most innovative factories in the world has equipped its production training team with AIDAR’s solution.

Canpack – this leading beverage packaging manufacturer with nearly 30 factories on four continents – has adopted the AIDAR platform to train its employees.

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