Our aim is to ensure access to expert knowledge in the company, thereby avoiding downtime, e.g. due to the unavailability of experts in the event of defects. With our intelligent assistance platform, non-value-added activities are reduced to a minimum in this way, so that core processes can be carried out as uninterruptedly and without disruptions as possible. As a result, the economic efficiency in the operation increases with an increase in the quality of work.

What are you offering?

Our intelligent assistance platform delivers relevant and contextual information exactly when the expert, worker or fitter needs it. Our solution therefore makes a significant contribution to ensuring that manual activities as well as testing and documentation steps are carried out as efficiently and wastefully as possible. This not only pays off economically, but also contributes to increasing quality and employee motivation, as the users of our system can concentrate on their value-adding activities and, for example, testing and documentation steps are integrated into the workflow.

We have developed an assistance platform for data glasses and smartphones that guides and supports the employee with the help of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI). Through the integrated and AI-based object recognition, the current situation of the employee is recorded and interpreted. In this way, the employee receives relevant and contextual information exactly when he needs it. The user of our assistance solution no longer needs to search for information; the information is displayed according to his current situation. The time-consuming and non-value-added search is eliminated, resulting in higher work efficiency. In addition, our application can document the current situation in context. If “all else fails”, the employee can call in his (experienced) colleague with AR video chat to receive direct support via a video stream.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

We offer our solutions for machine operators, for technicians, field workers, contract manufacturers and repair and maintenance workers in the automotive, aerospace (aerospace, defence), construction, gas, oil, utilities, industrial equipment and machine tools, healthcare and medical equipment and pharmaceuticals sectors.

Which customers already trust you?

E.ON / E.DIS (Energiesektor)
AQ Solutions (medical technology)
Uniklinik Aachen (Hospital)
Aconity 3D (mechanical and plant engineering)
Module Works (software for mechanical engineering)
ProCom (control system manufacturer for machines)
Manroland (mechanical and analogue engineering).