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Über die Best Practice,

Hard to imagine in times of COVID-19 and yet real: over 1,000 participants from 48 countries met for the 10th European Post-Chicago Melanoma/Skin Cancer Meeting in Berlin.

Wie? Through the step from analogue to virtual. Thanks to the “new normal” of the Corona pandemic, we now create events of a new generation: virtual and yet very close.

Lectures, breakouts, meetings and even the shared coffee, advice and discussions at the exhibition stand, encounters and exchanges with new contacts – these are all added values of conferences, congresses and trade fairs.
We want to transform precisely this experience into a virtual world that is open to all users: easy to use, intuitive and without inhibitions. A task that we are happy to take on for our customers.

To fulfil them, we offer an all-in-one approach to the transfer from live to virtual: from planning and consulting, implementation and support of the platform to post-event analysis and the optimal commitment of each participant. We create your virtual world. What does the result look like? The answer is just a click away. See for yourself.

This is how you look at best practice in 360°:

  • Start the VR project via the Play button
  • Activate the full screen mode in the lower right corner to see the VR project in full screen
  • Switch the sound of the VR project on or off at any time
  • Navigation within the VR project:
    • Look around in the 360° environment to the left and right by dragging the mouse (mouse drag)
    • Zoom in or out in the 360° scene with the mouse
    • Click on an icon or object to activate it

If you have VR glasses;

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