Best Practice: How Küchenquelle is revolutionising kitchen advice with .rooms by Island Labs

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Über die Best Practice,

The challenge: Making interior design and conversion projects conceivable

“Interior design projects are always difficult and stressful for the end customer,” says Alexander Möller, managing director of Island Labs. “Customers spend a lot of money, but only have a few sketches and product photos in front of them to imagine the whole thing. And then they have to wait a long time before they see the final result.

The solution: Customer-centric approach through mixed reality

For a seamless, customer-centric sales process, Island Labs has developed two platforms: .rooms and .spark. The latter is a CRM- and ERP-based platform, while .rooms is a platform that displays any interior design to scale as a 3D hologram.

While the consultant and customer walk through the kitchen, talk about the new kitchen design and visualise different options, the sales consultant can use the Azure environment to send information to the back end, calculate the best price and send this information to his mixed reality glasses. Of course only he can see the information. “The consultant can elegantly continue the sales conversation without having to interrupt the planning and sales process,” explains Rode. Once the consultant and customer have agreed on an execution and a price, the salesperson can use the HoloLens 2 to trigger the next steps, such as sending the order to the appropriate suppliers. To the customer, the interior looks as if it had been planned by himself, as he and the sales consultant have gone through every step of the planning process together.

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