Best Practice New World Events – Large-scale online event for Meetyou with several thousand attendees, dozens of presentations and booths for University of Adelaide.

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About Best Practice

The University of Adelaide holds an annual Open Day, which is a key event for attracting new students.

Due to the current situation, the 2020 event had to be held online.

The University chose the Meetyoo platform to meet the significant challenges and scale.

The one-day event included 72 pre-recorded presentations combined with live Q&A (question and answer) sessions.

There were 40 booths from the five faculties and 20 more representing the university in general.

The university attached particular importance to giving future students a proverbial picture of the buildings and their surroundings. The central buildings of the faculties were specially designed for this purpose.

A total of several thousand participants were registered and were also active on the platform during the day.

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