Best Practice: Kompetek für Ford India – VR based Training Tool für paint shops

Activate the best practice in full screen

Über die Best Practice,

Pixelspray VR is a unique VR based training tool aimed to train line workers in a paint shop setting. The system allows each user to log in, learn, and do live evaluations which can be checked by the line managers. We also have the ability to record a painter, which allows us to retain experience users data against which we can compare the newer users. This helps with retaining the knowledge of more experienced users even after they retire.

The system is dynamic and can load multiple car models and paint colours. The user has a limited time to complete the paint job, after which they are evaluated.

There is also a practice mode where the user is not timed and can practice the paint job.

One of the main goals of Pixelspray is to help users to identify “defects”. These usually occur when there is overpainting or underpainting, or other factors. These usually occur when there is overpainting or underpainting, or other factors. The program mimics all these factors, and users have to be aware of defects at all times and at the end they are shown how many defects were created.

Defects are the biggest reason for plant line shut downs in real world scenarios, which can lead to huge losses for stopped production.

This is how you look at best practice in 360°:

  • Start the VR project via the Play button
  • Activate the full screen mode in the lower right corner to see the VR project in full screen
  • Switch the sound of the VR project on or off at any time
  • Navigation within the VR project:
    • Look around in the 360° environment to the left and right by dragging the mouse (mouse drag)
    • Zoom in or out in the 360° scene with the mouse
    • Click on an icon or object to activate it

If you have VR glasses;

Switch to Virtual Reality mode by clicking the VR icon in the lower left corner

To the Pixeltek landing page at the VR Business Club