3D Highspeed Learning (Europe) GmbH

We revolutionise 3D learning with and in the virtual world.

We are a young company that strives to develop new learning products in 3D/VR.

We are constantly expanding our range and are thus establishing ourselves significantly in the 3D/VR learning sector.

In our learning universe with 3 worlds we offer the following applications.

What are you offering?

In our learning universe, with 3 worlds, we offer the following applications.

First World: Mega Memory Methods.
– Note numbers
– Languages
– Name Memorisation
– Arithmetic
– Characters (Japanese, hieroglyphics, etc.)

Second World: Medical Sector:
With emphasis on treating and improving dysfunctions in the brain. Dyslexia,
Alzheimer, Asberger, etc.
– Prevent and/or eliminate dyslexia
– Lying 8, connecting right and left brain hemispheres
– Stimulation of the hypothalamus.
– Stimulation of the right and left brain hemispheres
– Supplementary reading
– Brain Fitness

Third World: high-speed learning
Learning material and books at a speed of 3 pages per second in the
brain and store them.
– Learning to learn at high speed
– Marketing
– Economy
– Science
– Technique
– Mathematics
– Business management
– Accounting
– School material

For which target group do you mainly produce?

All those who want to learn more easily and efficiently in the age groups from 16 to 55.

– Pupils
– Vocational student
– Students
– Bachelor
– Professional and university graduates
– Manager
– postgraduate students
– Further educator
– People with brain deficits (dyslexia, Alzheimer’s, brain damage, etc.)

Which customers already trust you?

Various private individuals who use high-speed learning.