Vuframe® digitizes your sales through automatic product visualization & virtual product demonstrations. Virtual presentation. Inspire customers. Sell more. Vuframe® the digital sales enablement platform for virtual 3D products revolutionizes your sales.

What are you offering?

From sales talk to sales experience
Vuframe® gives sales representatives the opportunity to virtually demonstrate products during customer talks: on the tablet, your products come to life as interactive, photorealistic 3D models.
Customers and prospective customers are thrilled because they can touch your products virtually – right up to a life-size virtual representation directly at the customer’s location thanks to Augmented Reality.ab.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

Whether machines, fashion or real estate – our customers come from the most diverse industries. Both small and large companies rely on Vuframe and are already successfully integrating SmartVu® into their processes.

Which customers already trust you?


VR Business Club – Social VR Talk – Sales und Marketing Enablement mit 3D, Augmented- und Virtual Reality mit Maren Courage und Andreas Zeitler, CEO von Vuframe