By supplementing conventional methods with augmented and virtual reality, companies can exploit the full potential of e-learning and save costs at the same time. With 3spin DREAM for Training you can configure and combine a variety of proven, ready-made interactions. The software enables a user-friendly authoring of your Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality trainings without programming.

What are you offering?

3spin DREAM is a platform for creating and distributing immersive trainings. With 3spin DREAM, 360°, augmented reality and virtual reality trainings can be created without programming and without external software. Creation and distribution takes place directly via the secure Microsoft Azure Cloud in the browser and AR / VR glasses.

The creation is first done structurally in the web browser. The spatial placement of objects then takes place directly in the glasses, so that the author sees the training directly as the learner does. Supported products include HTC Vive, Oculus Quest and Microsoft HoloLens 1 and 2.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

3spin DREAM is suitable for medium sized companies who would like to give it a first try, for corporations who need to quickly distribute many trainings worldwide and for universities and schools. The billing grows flexibly with the users, since no high initial investment is necessary, but is charged per learner per month.

Which customers already trust you?

3spin DREAM is already used by DEKRA, Lufthansa Cargo and Getinge, among others.
“Best tool for creating and distributing AR & VR trainings” (Institute for Immersive Learning @ Learntec)
“A world leader in AR / VR Education” (Digi-Capital)
“Gewinner des eLearning Awards 2019 & 2020” (eLearning-Zeitschrift)

VR Business Club – Social VR Talk with Thomas Hoger, co-owner of 3Spin- AR and VR Trainings