The VRdirect platform is the easiest solution for creating and publishing virtual reality projects. No programming knowledge is required. In addition, virtual reality applications created with VRdirect can be published immediately via any VR-enabled device, smartphone or web browser and updated in real-time.

What are you offering?

The VRdirect app enables companies to make their virtual reality projects easily available to customers, employees or partners without having to develop their own app. VRdirect is the easiest solution for creating and publishing your virtual reality applications. Supplement your classic website with the direct integration of your VR projects. Besides our app for Android, iOS, Daydream & Oculus Go we offer a free WebVR player that is compatible with all popular devices and browsers.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

VRdirect offers companies of all sizes and industries the right entry into virtual reality projects. SMEs can start right away. For large enterprises we implement the VRdirect platform as internal VR infrastructure with its own VR app, which can then be used across departments.

Which customers already trust you?