Prototyping in Virtual Reality: Product development teams of global companies today work across multiple locations. A VR conference enables decentralized teams to work together on virtual prototypes. 3D CAD files are loaded into a virtual space and can be viewed and edited from all sides. Collaborative VR prototyping eliminates unproductive travel time. The production of real prototypes in early phases can be avoided. This reduces development costs and shortens innovation cycles so that innovations are brought to market earlier.

What are you offering?

Three-dimensional objects, such as prototypes, can be communicated in real time to customers or within your team in our VR conference platform. Since physical laws are suspended, you can position objects freely in space, scale them as you wish and view and edit them from all sides.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

WeAre develops VR solutions for the industrial sector in the areas of product development, sales and service within the value chain, which are mainly used in the field of mechanical and plant engineering, but can also be adapted for any other industrial sector.

Which customers already trust you?