Virtualist is a virtual reality tool that combines powerful creative tools with a secure business communication platform.

This provides users with immersive VR & AR session software for remote teams and for collaboration and review of designs imported from popular 3D software packages.

Best Practice: Virtualist – efficient mixed reality design reviews for interior designers (members only)

What are you offering?

Secure spatial workplaces where users can participate in real-time meetings with a real sense of presence, regardless of distance and hardware. Virtual reality visualisation or computer simulation of the environment not only helps to simplify the design process, but can be used by clients in a unique way at all stages of the project.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

Architects who want to communicate complex spatial events quickly. They use Virtualist to easily present their projects to clients and review them on site during constructive design reviews and virtual meetings.

Which customers already trust you?