Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality – 6 main applications of the new technology in the economy

In recruiting, employer branding, onboarding and training, assisted reality, occupational safety and the communication of product portfolios with virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, processes can already be sustainably optimized today, time saved and significant ROI’s achieved.

From the experience of our SparX workshop formatsconducted in 2019, we and our members of the VR Business Club have derived six core topics, areas of use and application areas that are recurring across all industries, especially in large companies and medium-sized businesses,

Field of applicatio 1: Personnel selection and recruiting

How can my company use virtual reality technologies to inspire and retain the right talents through eye-catching technologies in a highly personnel-driven job market?

Field of application 2: Employer branding

How can my company present itself dynamically through demos and previews of exciting products in virtual space with appropriate 3D visualizations? How can corporate values and corporate culture be transported authentically and 3-dimensionally?

Field of application 3: Onboarding, training and education

How can the learning of action sequences, the practising of skills, which in reality is too expensive or too dangerous, be made virtually tangible for training processes?

Field of application 4: Digital assistance systems

How can service quality and efficiency be improved by using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality in the company, e.g. in maintenance, servicing or logistics? How can suitable information, company know-how and experience be available immediately?

Field of application 5 : Safety at work

How can my company use virtual reality simulations to prepare its employees for dangerous situations?

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Field of application 6: Product portfolios, sales and marketing

Who am I and what can my product do? Can my presentation to the customer be rounded off with attractive virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality infotainment experiences?

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