#Covid19 – Support for your business

You want to use digital tools during and after the Covid-19 crisis

  1. stay in touch with their customers and partners.
  2. continue to make distribution and generate sales.
  3. position themselves efficiently and sustainably on the market.

Here you will find in the individual packages the offers of our solution providers for the fast deployment of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality technologies. These help to secure their business activities in the future and to bring them to their target group with the help of end devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, VR and AR glasses.

You do not yet know which of our offer packages will lead to success for your company at this time?

Package 1 – for events, conferences and exhibitions

Target group: Event industry, event managers for conferences and company meetings, conference industry, trade associations. 
#timetomarket #globalmeetings #eventprofessionals 

Package 2 – Inspections and tours

Target group: Real estate industry, property developers, architects, project developers, estate agents, portfolio managers, owners, insurance companies
#homestaging #realestate #new construction #visualization #house management #onlinelive inspection #projects

Package 3 – Collaboration tools for virtual meetings, teamwork & virtual offices

Target group: Entertainment, architecture & design, industry 4.0., event industry. 
#prototyping #entertainment #meeting #visualisierung #review #socialvr

Package 4 – for product presentations

Target group: all industries, product managers, sales people
#virtualshowroom #ecommerce #retail #automotive #industrie4.0 #fashion #livestyle #sport #onlinemarketing #distribution

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Further offers for the industrial sector for training, education, digital assistance systems, collaboration and change management can be found here.

Are you looking for hardware? Here you will find the current offers about our VR Business Club members.