Offer package for events, conferences and trade fairs

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No events have been taking place for weeks now, the industry is suffering. Some formats quickly made the leap into the online world, others were completely cancelled or postponed. Experts predict that strong consolidations can also be expected in the future. The offline and online worlds will increasingly merge. This requires new, relevant business models. By means of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality it is possible for exhibitors and organizers to make virtual showrooms, products, as well as entire exhibition stands an interactive and lasting experience. End customers do not necessarily need VR glasses for this: All applications of our partner companies run on the various end devices such as PC, tablet or smartphone.

Hier findet ihr sowie Beratungsangebote für die Erweiterung der Geschäftsmodelle für Events, Konferenzen und Messen in den online Bereich als auch Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality und Mixed Reality Angebote unserer Partner, mit denen es euch gelingt schnell zu handeln um für den Markt nach der Krise bereit zu sein.


VRtual X conceives and implements virtual reality, augmented reality and 360° projects. In addition, we currently offer solutions for the
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UReality as a registered trademark of Kirchner Konstruktionen GmbH combines the experience of 30 years of 3D/CAD design in the
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