The XRSPACE MANOVA headset is the first 5G mobile VR headset designed for the mass market, usable anywhere there is an available 5G, 4G or WIFI connection. Boasting true life-like social interactions and experiences, users are able to meet each other as customizable, full-body, 3D look-a-like avatars, capable of conveying real time facial expressions and communicating with each other seamlessly in shared environments. This brings virtual human interaction and communication to a new level of emotional connection, far beyond texts, emojis, and 2D videos, creating the first-ever true immersive social VR experience. As users are invited to share more of their life within the XRSPACE MANOVA world, XRSPACE is naturally diligent in keeping their security and confidentiality as its top priority.

What are you offering?

The full XRSPACE product package includes a VR HMD, one controller, access to a mobile platform powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon, and innovative content from the social, educational, media, shopping and entertainment sectors provided by XRSPACE partners.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

We would like to take XR to the masses and redefine how people connect, socialize and consume content. Companies will play a vital role as they could organise their employees to meet each other, enable virtual training but also trade show organizators, education institutions, travel agencies and many more.

Which customers already trust you?

XRSPACE has an expanding portfolio of global partners working hand-in-hand to craft unique experiences that cover entertainment, education, gaming, ecommerce and more, including ScienceVR, MagicLOHAS, AirPano, Angry Birds, GoPro, Insta360 and Magic Horizons to name a few. From the customers’ side we have been already engaged with Chughwa telecom in Taiwan, Baidu and China telecom in China, Deutsche Telekom in Germany, educational institutions and several other customers. Auf der Kundenseite haben wir bereits mit Chughwa telecom in Taiwan, Baidu und China telecom in China, der Deutschen Telekom in Deutschland, Bildungseinrichtungen und einigen anderen Kunden zusammengearbeitet.