Uptale is an Enterprise Solution which enables companies to improve the learning efficiency of their employees thanks to Immersive Learning.

What are you offering?

Uptale offers an Immersive Learning platform that enables companies to improve workforce transformation with Immersive Learning. Uptale provides a Cloud platform for anyone without a technical background to create, deliver and analyze training experiences in 360° and Virtual Reality in a measurable and scalable way.

Uptale’s platform offers:
– An intuitive VR and 360 authoring tool to simulate workplace environments and to digitize training skills
– An ability to distribute consistent training content to any device and any location in real time‍
– Insights and analytics across workforce enablement programs and integrated into any LMS

Uptale’s customers have created over 3.000 immersive experiences and have seen direct ROI such as:
– 80% improvement in memory retention
– 15% gain in operator productivity
– Training time reduction by 300%

For which target group do you mainly produce?

Immersive Learning can apply to every industry and all training purposes, whether they are enterprises, schools or universities.

For example, to upskill operational teams, onboard newcomers on production lines, increase productivity by deploying best practices and enforce safety and security with more people sensitized to more situations. Other use cases include recruitment, assessment and employee engagement, language learning, practical exercises for students, etc. Digitize real field environment and real-life situations to create on-the-job training with Virtual Reality.

Which customers already trust you?

Uptale’s platform trains over +100k employees from +100 companies and schools such as Schneider Electric, Allianz, SAP, Universität Potsdam, Hoschschule Anhalt or PwC across Europe, North America, Asia and of course Germany. It enables businesses to reduce the time and cost of training by 50%.

Best Practice: Uptale for Cloe in Onboarding (in preparation)