OnPoint Studios

OnPoint Studios offers its motion capture technology not only in Berlin, but worldwide. Through the remote motion capture service developed in-house, clients no longer need to be on site, but can view the results directly on the screen or in the virtual environment.

What are you offering?

Motion Capture Technology taken further
Far too many costs are incurred for employee travel to Motion Capture Studios. With our Remote Service, customers no longer have to be on site, but can participate virtually in the studio. Whether directly in the final environment or in the virtual Motion Capture Studio – the client can access what is happening in the Motion Capture Studio from his office, give instructions and view the results directly on his monitor or the virtual environment from different perspectives. This saves not only money, but also time while maintaining the same level of effectiveness.

For which target group do you mainly produce? 

Users of our service mainly come from the film and gaming scene. Our technology has already been used for some music videos and games.
At the moment we are developing together with VRiday the service to use our motion capture technology live for seminars and presentations in VR.

Which customers already trust you?

Our Motion Capture Studio has already been used for some music videos. We created the animations for the music video “In your eyes” by Robin Schulz and set up the environment for the music video “Diamonds (prod. Maxe)” by Monet192 in Unreal.
We also performed some remote motion capture services. The biggest partner here is “Another Coffee” from Madrid, who had us animate the main character for their game UMI.