We design, develop and operate Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions. We are driven to develop economic solutions for technically demanding challenges together with our customers.

What are you offering?

We are convinced that AR offers unique opportunities to exchange ideas using 3D models. This requires a platform to which 3D models can be uploaded and on which other participants can view these 3D models across devices (e.g. in a web browser or on Microsoft HoloLens 2) at the push of a button. Our HoloDesk platform enables this and more.

We offer our customers a solution approach to optimize processes, reduce costs and sell products better. We focus on use cases that are all about collaboration: Discussion of products in 3D, sales support, remote support. The modular structure and individual extensions (e.g. HoloDesk Progress) also make it possible to map other use cases such as maintenance and quality assurance processes.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

Industry, engineering, real estate, architecture, construction industry, healthcare

Which customers already trust you?

Our customers include large companies from the target groups mentioned above. However, our solutions are also affordable for small and medium-sized companies and help to accelerate digitization processes and develop process-oriented unique selling points.