LIGHTSHAPE specializes in high-quality CGI productions, interactive applications (Web, Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality), and the development of XR systems for business customers.

The company is one of the pioneers of professional solutions in the field of Virtual Reality Collaboration, and has extensive experience, ranging from content production and hardware to its own collaboration software HCC (Holodeck Control Center). This expertise enables LIGHTSAPE to advise its customers across all lines of business so that it can offer them the right solution.

What are you offering?

With the software HCC digital meetings can be held and controlled in VR. The HCC allows full control over the hardware, the participants and all elements of the VR session.
Different places, with different numbers of users, different hardware and different sizes can be brought together in a virtual world to exchange three-dimensional content.
The possibility of central control also allows non-technological users to participate in VR sessions. VR glasses are not absolutely necessary.

Three problem areas are thus solved:

1. the time-consuming and cost-intensive development of prototypes is eliminated

2. the complex and sometimes globally distributed development of products is simplified and accelerated by reducing the need for travel, more intensive cooperation between project teams and reduced documentation effort.

3.the training of employees and customers worldwide, is simplified.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

Customers who already have CAD/ 3D data and want to work with it collaboratively or/ and across different locations or want to exchange or train themselves about it. The focus is on sectors such as automotive, mechanical engineering/plant engineering, architecture/construction, transport, medical and safety technology.
In addition to the HCC software, LIGHTSHAPE produces for training, marketing and engineering.

Which customers already trust you?