VRiday stands for the development of VR Experiences at the highest level.
In addition to consulting, conception and development of virtual worlds, VRiday works with lifelike avatars and deploys them into virtual environments.

What are you offering?

Virtual reality for everyone
Whether games, interactive experiences, presentations or meetings. Much will take place in VR in the future. VRiday is not only developing VR Experiences, but is also working hard on a platform for meetings and presentations in VR.
Therefore we advise companies how they can use the technical possibilities of VR and XR for their purposes and create a detailed plan with integrated monetization model.

For which target group do you mainly produce? 

Our target group is primarily B2B, but we never lose sight of the end user in our developments. We develop high quality games for end users, presentation platforms for companies or meeting rooms for teams.

Which customers already trust you?

In the past, we created a VR Experience for FC Bayern Munich, which can be assigned to the area of education as well as to the area of gaming. This way, users can not only take part in a header training session with the famous footballers of FC Bayern Munich, but also immerse themselves in the world of experience and view and experience various milestones in the history of Germany’s largest football club. We also work closely with the motion capture studio OnPoint, as well as our scanning partner 3D Instagraph to integrate the best possible avatars into our products.