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VRtual X conceptualizes and realizes customized projects in the areas of virtual reality, augmented reality and 360°. We see ourselves as a professional service provider for the development of your XR ideas. In addition, we offer a full-service solution for showrooms, 360° tours and virtual events with many participants with the software lea X developed by us. With our product EnterXR we are progressively changing the virtual training market. Realize forward-looking projects with us today to be a pioneer in your industry.

What are you offering?

lea X – virtual worlds and digital experiences for everyone
lea X is a browser-based software for the implementation and operation of various digital platforms.Since mid-2020, more than 150 diverse virtual worlds, with more than 400,000 visits from all over the world, have been implemented with lea X. These can be designed differently and used in a variety of ways: from virtual showrooms, 360° panoramic tours, to a wide variety of virtual event formats such as employee meetings, seminars, congresses, conferences, press conferences and trade fairs, on lea X your format will find a place!

With the software, you can bring your company, your brand, or special topics and their content to life digitally and interactively. Reach your potential target group, DSGVO-compliant quite simply via the common browsers, without technical hurdles or installing an app. With a low-threshold offer and global availability, you can increase your number of participants and can offer a sustainable event. A virtual event saves 99% of emissions compared to an identical face-to-face event. In addition, lea x guarantees high visual quality standards and offers many intuitive and interactive features for sharing.
You can create and manage your virtual platform through VRtual X as an agency service or completely independently. lea X is easy and quick to use for both the Software as a Service user and visitors to the platform.

Agency services
From the production of 360° films to highly complex simulations in VR. Do you have a specific use case that relies on XR? We implemented this! Our agency services start with joint conceptualization and end with a smooth rollout on your virtual reality headsets. Diversity and agility are the hallmarks of the VRtual X team, and it shows in the diversity of our implementations: From alcohol prevention for youth, to sustainable prototyping methods in shipbuilding, to fire evacuation simulation in the digital twin.

VRtualX has its origins in the development of immersive training for virtual reality. We have embarked on a new path and are in the process of creating a scalable product. This product takes the experience, analysis and cost of virtual training, instruction or education to a new level.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

With our various products and services, we mainly address B2B customers, from medium-sized to DAX companies. We develop applications for industry to support process optimization or for different types of instruction. Exceptional projects, such as customized solutions for ocean-going yachts, also distinguish our pioneering work. Smaller companies or clubs or associations, for example, will find a home for implementing virtual worlds with our lea x product.

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