VRtual X conceives and implements virtual reality, augmented reality and 360° projects. In addition, we currently offer solutions for the organization of virtual events trade fairs, conferences or meet-ups.

What are you offering?

What is the venue in real life is the software platform in Virtual. We do not operate our own platform, because there are already very mature systems such as AltSpaceVR oder Engage. We see ourselves as the virtual event technicians. If you want to organize a virtual event, do everything you have done so far: Concept, send out invitations, put together the program, organize teams. We take over the virtual trade fair construction, the virtual stage technology and the virtual direction. This also includes real-life technology, i.e. that the participants can handle their equipment and that there are no technical hurdles.

We advise on the subject of virtual meetings, trade fairs and events
We implement 3D-360° recordings and live streams
We develop plugins, avatars and 3D rooms for the common virtual event systems
We develop virtual appearances for VR fairs and virtual company presentations
We help with the technical implementation at your site

For which target group do you mainly produce?

Which customers already trust you?