NEXR Technologies

NEXR Technologies stands for the development of technologies and apps of the future. The interaction of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality form Extended Reality.

Together with our divisions 3D Scan, Motion Capture and VR Consulting & Development we create a new field of reality.

What are you offering?

With our three areas of 3D body scan technology, 3D Instagraph, our motion capture studio OnPoint and our VR consulting, we create a value chain that goes hand in hand. Using our 3D scanners, we scan people and create photorealistic avatars within a very short time. Using our 3D scanners, we scan people and create photorealistic avatars within a very short time. These can be animated in the OnPoint Studios with the latest motion capture technology. The animated avatars are later used in the virtual worlds created by VRiday. The combination of these areas creates an independent and reliable planning, execution and cost calculation.

For which target group do you mainly produce? 

Our products and services are especially aimed at future-oriented companies who want to go ahead and use the new technology for themselves. Due to the constantly evolving technologies – especially in the areas of VR and MX – many new business models and monetization opportunities are opening up, which we would like to develop and implement with the companies.

Which customers already trust you?

Our business units work with a wide variety of customer groups and companies. For example, hundreds of soccer players have already been scanned and provided for use in KONAMI’s Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), and music videos have been produced using our modern motion capture technology. Our VR department VRiday has already developed and published the first part of the FC Bayern VR Experience and together with OnPoint Studios is creating a seminar and meeting platform where the scanned avatars can virtually exchange information.