NEXR Technologies

We are a listed technology company with a focus on virtual reality applications. At the core are personalised digital avatars that help users perform everyday tasks more efficiently.

We have core competencies in 3D scanner development, motion capture, virtual reality, virtual production as well as deep expertise in gaming and data-based business models.

What are you offering?

At NeXR, we believe that the daily use of avatars, personalised digital twins, will soon be the norm.

The possible applications of avatars are wide-ranging.
So also imagine a world where everyone can have their own avatar, one that looks like you! An inevitable step from real life into extended reality.

As a company, we are thus offering entry into the “avatar economy” and thus into a gigantic mass market. It is the way to interact across the digital world, to go to concerts with an avatar (NeXR Show), to participate in seminars and communicate with each other (NeXR Seminar), to try on clothes with your avatar (NeXR Fashion) or to follow fitness developments with your avatar (NeXR Fitness).

NeXR Fashion is a solution for the fashion industry. With the help of the personal avatar, which shows the exact body measurements of the customer, as well as an app for virtual try-ons, the (online) shopping experience is raised to a completely new level. Trying on clothes in cramped changing rooms or making heaps of returns are now a thing of the past.

WithNeXR Fitness training successes can be visualised on the clients’ personalised avatar. By means of precisely measured body measurement data, exercisers get a perfect overview and can observe every body change. Using the AvatarCloud app, users become accessible to connected retailers and can, for example, buy new training clothes.

NeXR Seminar is a virtual reality solution for remote presentations, seminars and training. Users benefit from the fact that the presenter can be found as an avatar in the virtual space. The presenter can interact live with participants and provide an immersive learning experience through the closed virtual environment.

NeXR Show brings performing artists back together with their fans in times of distance. NeXR Show offers immersive live events such as concerts and DJ sets with customised reactive stages using the latest technology from Motion Capture and Virtual Production in conjunction with the Unreal Engine. on well-known streaming platforms such as YouTube or Twitch.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

Our target group are companies that want to improve their digital and virtual presence and offer their customers a new and unique experience. Be it in the field of fashion or fitness, for virtual seminars or lectures, in the entertainment sector or to present one’s own company in VR.

Which customers already trust you?

Our future technology is already being used by various large companies. In addition to the fitness company RSG (John Reed, McFit) and the fashion group H&M, our avatars are already being used in PES by KONAMI and in the FC Bayern VR Experience. The latter was completely developed and realised by us together with FC Bayern München. We also realised a virtual capital market conference in VR with Montega AG, where six board members from different companies were able to present their future projects – including Freenet AG, q.beyond AG and home24 SE.

Other companies, especially from the fitness, fashion, lifestyle and entertainment sectors, are also among our customers and use our digital solutions.