Offer package for product presentations

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In addition to online trading, there is also the extended possibility for your company to present your products in an emotional way using virtual reality, augmented reality or mixed reality. This provides your potential consumers with an interactive and playful access to your offers and contributes memorably to customer loyalty.

Here you can get an overview of the offers of selected and successfully placed companies from the circle of VR Business Club members.


We are the filmmakers among the 360° and XR producers.We tell stories about people, places, experiences and products – and
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Goodpatch is an independent design company with 200 employees spread across studios in Tokyo, Berlin and Munich. We collaborate with
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VRiday stands for the development of VR Experiences at the highest level. In addition to consulting, conception and development of
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Computools LLC is a global innovative software solutions provider for the Consumer Services, Retail, Finance and Healthcare industries. The company’s
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With augmented reality software and hardware, Holo-Light shows new ways to reduce costs and optimize engineering workflows. The AR expert
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