Club Deals: Exclusively for our members

We support joint investments of family offices, high net worth individuals and smaller institutional investors in investing in VR, AR and MR.

In Europe, more and more start-ups and high-tech companies are establishing themselves in the field of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) with new product ideas and solutions from which products can be created. The VR Business Club as the leading European business network for immersive technologies has a unique and extensive user know-how in this market, which is already growing beyond its niche.

With the club deals we bundle investors who want to invest in high-tech start-ups that use VR, AR or MR technologies in their products or platforms. Club Deal members receive access to our current and carefully selected investment opportunities, which we regularly offer.

PROCEDURE: Investors from among our Club Deals members invest in a company they have chosen from our deal portfolio, in a deal they have full control over. In connection with the other participating investors who have invested in the same club deal, comprehensive synergy effects can be created that place the start-up on the market faster and more sustainably.

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VR Business Club “Club-Deals”

With the VR Business Club we have created an incubator for ideas and projects to be implemented using VR, AR and MR for current problems in the user area. In our formats, we repeatedly come across innovative, scalable ideas and solutions that are of interest to investors. Start-ups with foreseeable successful product ideas and companies and with applications already tested by customers – from which products are now emerging – are currently pushing into the growing market for VR, AR and MR. This offers new opportunities for investors to invest profitably in this market segment.