VR Business Club HUBS

With the VR Business Club Hubs, we foster collaboration between global startups, companies, networks, top players and tech leaders, with a strong focus on the metaverse, artificial intelligence and immersive technologies.

Our initiative serves as a catalyst for synergies and partnerships across a broad spectrum of participants, including startups from diverse corners of the globe, established corporate giants, influential industry networks, renowned thought leaders, and seasoned technology experts. What sets our collaborative ecosystem apart is its special emphasis on pioneering technologies that are shaping the future – the Metaverse, artificial intelligence (AI), and immersive technologies.

We facilitate connections and interactions that bridge the gap between traditional business models and these emerging paradigms, creating an environment where the potential for innovation and disruption is limitless. Whether it’s harnessing the power of AI to transform industries, exploring new frontiers within the Metaverse, or leveraging immersive technologies to redefine how we experience the world, our community is at the forefront of these exciting endeavors, driving the evolution of the global tech landscape.

Innovation trips to Europe and the USA

Get access to tech leaders and leading start-ups in metaverse, artificial intelligence and spatial computing with Europe’s largest immersive technology network, VR Business Club.