The Osnabrück-based company Bitnamic GmbH was founded in 2015 by two fellow students, Rolf Behrens and Alexei Kolesnikow. Within a few years, the former start-up has developed into an IT company with national as well as international partners that offers software “made in Germany”.

Bitnamic stands for innovation through modern technologies. The aim is to adapt classic service processes to the age of Industry 4.0.

“Creating new things together, optimising existing things together – that is our philosophy. In cooperation with our customers and partners, we want to reach the next level of digital maintenance processes.”

For which target group do you mainly produce?

Better communication, better service with just one app: bitnamic CONNECT includes all the smart service solutions you need to efficiently meet daily challenges in maintenance and service.
The main component of bitnamic CONNECT is Remote Maintenance, a software solution specially developed for the industry that allows on-site staff and helpdesk experts from all over the world to connect in an interactive video conference.

As soon as the connection is established, the expert sees the same thing as the employee, for example a defective machine. The live video transmission forms the basis, the expert gets a first overview. He then guides the employee step by step through the troubleshooting process using the functions included in Remote Maintenance.
Thanks to integrated mobile radio optimisation, a video connection is possible even with low bandwidths or poor connection quality.

With bitnamic CONNECT, you can shorten downtimes on machines and save travel costs – especially in combination with augmented reality. Special data glasses for industry are available for service and maintenance processes.

The use of remote maintenance on AR glasses allows the employee to work on the machine while following the visual and audio instructions of the expert. The user does not need a smartphone, tablet or computer, i.e. no separate terminal device to look at, hold or attach. This means that the expert always has both hands free, which not only makes his work easier, but also makes problem solving much more effective and faster.

bitnamic CONNECT can also be used in other areas. This includes support with the assembly, construction or installation of systems and components. Furthermore, you can conduct training and education via remote maintenance: With our software, all employees no longer need to be in one place to be trained.

What are you offering?

bitnamic CONNECT was developed specifically for industry. Our software solutions are used in particular in mechanical engineering, agriculture, aviation, the automotive industry, pharmaceuticals, renewable energies and healthcare. Irrespective of this, the tool performs well in every service sector where distances need to be bridged quickly.

Which customers already trust you?

We are pleased about the trust of more than 45 customers such as AMAZONE, Doka, Schüco or TESTIA, an Airbus company. Currently, over 4000 users use bitnamic CONNECT.
However, our mobile collaboration app is also used in a large number of medium-sized companies. Basically, bitnamic CONNECT is the solution for anyone who wants to digitise their service.

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