We build everything that is needed in addition to and around VR technology to round off the experience. We develop database-centric applications (web or mobile) that cover requirements, wishes and ideas regarding registration, administration, evaluation and also payment. If external components, systems or interfaces exist and need to be integrated, we are happy to integrate them.

What are you offering?

Our development team is super experienced and no less curious. Accordingly, our technology portfolio is very broad and constantly growing. Development projects with new challenges are our favourite. The common threads running through our customised projects are:

– Database technology,
– Interface integration,
– system- or hardware-related programming,
– cryptographic procedures as well,
– Distributed architectures to ensure scalability and availability; and
– often also migration scenarios

For which target group do you mainly produce?

Logistics, industry, administration, media, SMEs, agencies, institutes

Which customers already trust you?


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