VM People

As a boutique agency for immersive branding©, vm-people develops participative brand experiences and helps companies to grow.

What are you offering?

Immersive Branding® is a process with which the vm-people agency supports its clients in winning new customers, retaining them and turning them into brand fans.

Using new digital forms of storytelling, vm-people creates worlds of experience in which the audience can immerse themselves and which enable new perspectives on brands. Starting with a narrative analysis that begins within the company, the agency develops a custom-fit infectious brand story and, together with the client and their customers, brings it to life – innovatively, interactively and multisensory.

The agency’s competencies include the planning and implementation of events in social VR. Whether it’s a keynote speech on a virtual stage, an interactive product presentation or a conference including networking and an after-show party with a live DJ set, vm-people turns even large events with several hundred participants into an emotional and memorable event.

As part of the monthly X-NIGHT, those interested in VR have the opportunity to get an impression of social VR and be inspired for their business.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

The prerequisites for cooperation with vm-people are courage, determination and commitment, together with the agency to tread new untrodden paths.

Which customers already trust you?

– The agency’s clients include companies and brands from various industries, predominantly from German-speaking countries. In the field of social VR, the agency has already successfully carried out projects for Huawei Germany, Medical Tribune Verlagsgesellschaft, Karlshochschule International University and Rowohlt Verlag, among others.

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