Spacific GmbH – Augmented Engineering – We revolutionise CAD creation with AR and AI

What are you offering?

The young Hamburg-based company Spacific specializes in the development and distribution of end-2-end developed, scalable AR/MR solutions for industry.

The focus: Flexible standard solutions for sustainable digitization of business processes. The clear benefits of this technology, from better results in less time to greatly expanded capabilities in marketing and sales to relieving professionals of planning and documentation, are accessible to companies of all sizes via the Spacific Solution Portal as SaaS and PaaS.

Spacific’s goal is to make the innovative opportunities created by AR and Lidar technology available to all businesses. In addition to the economic benefits, it is in particular the sustainability of digital solutions that drives the team: From production to transport to disposal, by using virtual objects companies save valuable resources and thus show themselves to be future-oriented in several respects.

To achieve its vision, Spacific places particular emphasis on the scalability, flexibility and compatibility of the solutions it offers: Whether in the data format, the connection to existing IT systems via APIs or the operating system. Spacific’s products also run on all smart devices including. the Microsoft HoloLens. The applications are not only easy to use, but also to integrate, making them available to customers for immediate use.

At the heart of all Spacific solutions is the B2B Solution Portal, where all products converge. In the Solution Portal, measurement jobs are created and 3D models are retrieved, objects are uploaded and compiled into scenes or converted into AR web pages. Using Azure Cloud Services not only ensures maximum data security, but also allows large amounts of data to be rendered remotely in real time.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

Plant and mechanical engineering, construction industry, real estate industry, stairlift manufacturers, facility management, logistics, e-commerce, culture and education.

Which customers already trust you?

Our partners are de:hub Hamburg, IFB Hamburg, Microsoft Mixed Reality, Adamos and Deutsche Telekom.

Our customers are Know How, Emons, Reko, the BOA Group and ryddle.