At Pixeltek we work closely with our clients to create immersive,
nteractive, and visually stunning Virtual Reality experiences. We are focusing on the digital transformation of engineering, and production processes for industry and medium-sized businesses. VR/AR/Machine Learning We have developed content for industries as diverse as manufacturing, safety, hospitality and entertainment.

What are you offering?

We offer end to end VR/MR solutions including complete development and deployment.
Our 3D clients include several companies from Digital Development sectors such as Gaming, Animation, Simulations, App Development, etc.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

We focus mainly on the B2B (Business to Business) sector
and therefore our clients usually are from Industrial Manufacturing, Brand Marketing, Training Simulations/ Education, Real Estate, and several other industries.
Since 2004 we have been supporting many companies in the fields of digital development such as gaming, animation, simulations & app development, with high end 3D assets & modelling from our studio.

Which customers already trust you?

Pixeltek has been in business since 2004 and has over the years garnered the trust of its many long term clients, such as iRacing.com, the world’s leading E-sports platform for Motorsport Simulations. Their Art director had this to say:
“Because of their consistent ability to deliver high quality assets on time and to our specifications, Pixeltek has become one of our most relied upon and trusted outsourcers. We are very pleased with the work they have been producing.”
VP | Art & Production, iRacing Motorsport Simulations

Since 2014, we have expanded our services to include VR-based offerings for training simulations and brand marketing solutions for a
A wide range of industries have been expanded – from manufacturing to real estate.
We have successfully developed, in close collaboration with our customers, customised solutions for leading industrial companies such as Ford (India), Citroen, Mahindra Group and Hero Group, to name a few.
Here are some testimonials from our VR customers:
We have so far put about 35% of our painters through the program
and are extremely pleased with the Results, even experienced shop floor Painters are finding it useful. We are confident that this is going to result in significant savings by reducing defects. We have had no hesitation in recommending adoption of this technology within our group companies and to other related industries.”

Deputy General Manager, HOD Paint Shop – Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturing LTD
Not only has Pixeltek delivered an excellent project that has become an industry benchmark for animated virtual reality walkthroughs, they have surpassed themselves in timelines and proactive intent as well. Pixeltek is undoubtedly a powerhouse of innovation, ideas and talent, not to forget the complete professionalism on display at all times.”
Chief Marketing Officer, Hero Realty Pvt Ltd