With our Smart-Learn product, private or school smartphones and tablets can be integrated into lessons immediately, easily and cheaply. Here, the teacher determines which content and applications the students can access with their smartphones and tablets, which means that parts of the lessons can be digitised without much effort. In addition to the aspect of simple and quick digitisation of the school lesson, this also happens in a sustainable way, as no additional hardware is needed apart from the end devices that the pupils bring with them. In addition, the mobile phone is taught to be the student’s constant learning companion

What are you offering?

Teachers can define within the BYOD platform which websites or apps they want to share with students’ devices in their classrooms. The students register for the respective lesson via the free Smart-Learn app and can then use their private device in class. In doing so, the app reports to the system, taking into account data protection, whether the respective student device is being used within the framework of the set rule that defines the approved apps and web content. This way, the teachers keep track of everything and can even use the private devices in examination situations.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

The Smart-Learn software is primarily aimed at teachers and schools or school authorities. Moreover, pupils are ultimately the end users to whom our product is made available by schools and teachers. The software is DSGVO compliant, no student data is stored.

Which customers already trust you?

We are in the beta phase.

Best Practice: In preparation.