Nico and the Navigators

The Berlin theatre ensemble Nico and the Navigators develops AR performances that combine architecture, acting, dance, sculpture and virtual images into a multi-layered overall experience.

Über “Verrat der Bilder”

– The 100th anniversary of the Nico and the Navigators have developed Europe’s first live augmented reality glasses performance, which combines the virtual with the play of live performers and explores the possibilities of augmented reality.

The project has already been performed at the Bauhaus Dessau, the Georg-Kolbe-Museum in Berlin, the Berlin Dock 11 EDEN and the Saxony-Anhalt State Representation in Brussels and has caused a great sensation among the public and the augmented reality experts.
Our concern here is a project development that is conceived from art and guided by the technical possibilities. For the implementation of our AR projects, we can draw on a broad network of programmers as well as years of expertise in the theatre sector.