With augmented reality software and hardware, Holo-Light shows new ways to reduce costs and optimize engineering workflows.

The AR expert focuses on prototyping, factory planning, quality control and the construction of highly complex objects such as cars and complete industrial plants. Together in the Augmented Reality Engineering Space, engineers or industrial designers can visualize, edit and present their developments regardless of location.

What are you offering?

Our software ARES (Augmented Reality Engineering Space) offers users a new tool to simplify and improve workflows in planning, development and production. ARES enables engineers to visualize, edit and share CAD data as holograms in real environments. Using AR-glasses such as Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, variants or final concepts can be displayed in 3D and original size. Inconsistent details or easily overlooked design flaws of the model become clearly visible and modifiable. Using the AR software, planned assemblies can also be visualized and manipulated directly at their intended destination. The digital twin can thus be used to quickly determine whether planning and reality are compatible.

With ISAR (Interactive Streaming for Augmented Reality) we have also developed a remote rendering technology to visualize large amounts of 3D data in real size. In real-time, with every detail and without polygon reduction. In addition, the Stylus XR, a high-precision AR input device in the form of a pen, complements the software solution package. For the first time, engineers can now perform millimetre-accurate work, measurements and movements in an augmented reality environment.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

We offer AR solutions for industrial users, especially in the mechanical engineering, aerospace, chemical and automotive industries. Our focus is therefore on engineers, designers and industrial designers.

Which customers already trust you?

– Our customers include well-known companies from the automotive, engineering and chemical industries such as BMW, Festo, BASF, Magna and Bosch. But the technology is also of interest to medium-sized companies in order to produce faster, cheaper and also more environmentally friendly. Our AR solutions are also increasingly used in the aerospace, construction, energy and maritime industries.