CIE Group

CIE is a Czech technology company focused on delivering functional VR solutions for people development and training.

What are you offering?

Unique training solution that can cover the whole training process.

Starting from initial orientation, through occupational safety and health, up to field operation. We are able to uncover if the new coming employee fits the position requirements and then train for each specialized position such as: replenisher, cashier, warehouseman or even technician.

The participants are also tested inside the virtual environment in order to discover the weak and strong sides. Every training scenario is based on deep analysis and delivered as a ready to go solution (hardware+software).

For which target group do you mainly produce?

Einzelhandel, Automotive und Gesundheitswesen

Which customers already trust you?

· TESCO, Zentiva, Valeo, IAC, Safran, LokoTrain

Best Practice: CIE Virtual Reality for Einsatz Train at TESCO. (coming soon)