T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

As market leader, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, with its consulting and technical expertise, shows new ways and business models in the areas of Industrial IoT, Customer Experience, New Work and Digital Reliability. With around 2100 employees at seven locations, the digital service provider offers dynamic web and application management and, with the first certified test laboratory in the Internet and multimedia industry, ensures the highest software quality, accessibility and IT security.

What are you offering?

Our services individually tailored solutions for large and medium-sized companies range from consulting services and project management through creation and software development to content, testing and support services. And with the highest quality standards in every area. With creativity and competence we design the perfect interaction of current hardware and software components for your mixed reality application.

We use technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality to make industrial processes more efficient:

  • Assisted Maintenance: Scaling of expert knowledge by visualizing existing processes in combination with virtual training
  • Remote Support: Remote inspection and maintenance using Augmented Reality to save travel time and increase service quality
  • Holographic product presentation: Immersive customer experiences to improve marketing and sales activities
  • Building Information Modeling: Visualization of unstructured building or asset data in combination with ERP master data for more efficient planning and ordering

For which target group do you mainly produce?

Our customers come from the most diverse industries. With our individually tailored Mixed Reality solutions, we currently support both large corporations and medium-sized companies in production, customer service, marketing and sales.

Which customers already trust you?